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    WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, to ship everywhere and to use every payment metods (credit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers and cash on delivery).


    Woocommerce is a required plugin and you can install it by following our article here.

    How to set the Woocommerce default pages

    When you install the Woocommerce plugin you have to set the default pages (Cart, Prices, Shop, Check Out).


    Shop Page
    To set the shop page of the web site go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display
    ca - shop
    Cart and Ckechout Page
    To set the cart and checkout page of the web site go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout
    ca - checkout
    Account Page
    To set the account page of the web site go to WooCommerce > Settings > Account
    ca - myaccount

    How to set the currency

    Go in: Woocommerce > Settings > Currency Options and change the currency you have to use.
    Below you can choose the symbol to use for the thousand separator: 1,000 or 1.000 and you can choose the symbol to use for the decimal separator: 100.00 or 100,00

    Image Crop

    You can to set the automatic cropping of the Images. Please go in Woocommerce > settings > Image Size product > change here the size of the image preview and after click on regenerate thumbnails.
    These settings affect the actual dimensions of images saved in your catalog once you upload an image – the display on the front-end will be overridden by CSS styles if applied. For more Info go here.

    WooCommerce Widget

    There are several great widgets bundled into WooCommerce which allow you to display all sorts of information in your theme’s widgetized areas.
    Here are the included widgets.

    WooCommerce Cart – Displays the shopping cart contents and links to the cart / checkout
    WooCommerce Layered Nav – Allows the user to refine products based on attributes
    WooCommerce Layered Nav Filters – Shows active layered nav filters so users can see and deactivate them.
    WooCommerce Price Filter – Allow the user to refine products based on price on product category pages
    WooCommerce Product Categories – Display product categories in list format
    WooCommerce Products – This includes view for All Products, Featured Products, and On-Sale Products.
    WooCommerce Product Search – Search products only
    WooCommerce Product Tags – Display product tags in tag cloud format
    WooCommerce Recently Viewed – Display a list of products the customer has recently viewed
    WooCommerce Recent Reviews – List recent customer reviewed products with ratings
    WooCommerce Top Rated Products – Display a list of top rated products
    There are a few widgets we’d like to highlight below.


    For more Info go here.


    If you need more information about WooCommerce you can go here.

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