Update the theme

Where can I see the version of the theme ?
Find out the version of the theme is very simple! Login to your admin panel and then go to “Themes” (Appearance menu).

Click on the theme Love Travel to see the information. Look at the image below.


How do I know if there a new update ?

Every time there is an update available you’ll receive an email from ThemeForest that will communicate to you the update.

Updates are free ?

Get the updated version is very simple, you just have to log in the site, Download section. Download the theme “Love Travel”. You automatically get the updated package with the new version.

What’s new in the new version ?

To see all the new features follow the theme history on the page of the theme in ThemeForest ( At the end of the page you can find the informations )

How do I update the theme ?

Update the theme is very simple, you just have to replace all the theme files of the old version with all new files through FTP.


NOTE: Users who have the 3.0 previous theme version version please read this before update.

My customizations will be lost ? – IMPORTANT

If you have modified some files of the theme it is clear that if you update the theme as in the video that I showed above your changes will be lost. For this reason it must be careful to remember the changes you’ve made and then bring them back in the new version.

Your solution to keep your changes might be working with a theme child, ( insert your css customization ) you can find more information here.

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