Posts Grid

With the visual composer “Post Grid” component it is possible show a preview of the “post” and custom post type “accomodations”.


Post Type Choose the post type ( Post or Accomodations )
Posts per page Insert the number of posts that you want to show. E.g. 4. Leave empty for show the default settings of WP (Settings -> Reading), -1 for view all posts
Order By Choose the order of the visualization (ex: for date, name)
Order Choose the ascending or descending order
Specific Post ID If you want, insert the ID of your post, need for ONLY one post. E.g. 38
Columns Choose columns style for 1 to 4
Preview Layout Choose your preview layout. Check below

You can also choose to show only the accommodations of a taxonomy and you have to insert the name of taxonomy in the “Taxonomy Name“. The names of the taxonomies are the following:

typology-accommodation For the Typology
service-accommodation For the Service
person-accommodation For the Person
child-accommodation For the Child

If you want to filter for a taxonomy term, after entering in the previous field the name of the taxonomy, you must enter in the “Taxonomy Terms” the slug of the term of the taxonomy.

ex: if you want to filter you accommodation for Typology – Bungalow you have to set:

Taxonomy Name > typology-accommodation
Taxonomy Terms > bungalow ( if this is your slug )

Accomodations Preview Layout

For the Accomodations Layout you can choose from:

  • Layout 1
    cv - layout1 - accommo
  • Layout 2
    cv - layout2 - accommo
  • Layout 3
    cv - layout3 - accommo
  • Layout 4
    cv - layout4 - accommo
  • Layout 5
    cv - layout5 - accommo
  • Layout 6
    cv - layout6 - accommo
  • Layout 7
    cv - layout7 - accommo

Post Preview Layout

For the Post Layout you can choose from:

  • Layout 1
    cv - layout1 - posts
  • Layout 2
    cv - layout2 - posts
  • Layout 3
    cv - layout3 - posts
  • Layout 4
    cv - layout4 - posts

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