Packages Settings

The travel packages are custom post type of theme and can be filtered by using the search component or displayed in a post grid.

Layout Packages

In Metaboxes “Layout Packages” you can choose the packages layout. The packages could be fullwidth, with the sidebar on the left or the sidebar on the right. Be sure that the “Layout Packages” is checked in your Screen Option of the page ( top left of the page).
If you choose the layout with the sidebar you must set the sidebar to display in “Sidebar Settings” ( See how in the next Options Packages ).


In Metaboxes “Option Package” you can set useful setting for your package:

Package Settings

Here you can set the start date and the end of the package. The start date is important to filter the package. The price of the package will be displayed in the preview of the travel package with the currency. You can also enable the promotion of a package.

Preview Settings

These settings only refer to the preview of the theme. The “Text Preview” is the excerpt of the travel package. The “Text button” allows you to insert your own text on the button, the link will remain connected to the single package. The Link button allows you to connect a preview of the package with a custom link.

Text Preview This is excerpt that will appear in the Package preview
Text button Here you can set a different label text for the button preview that links to the package
Link button If you need that the package preview links to an other page ( and not to the automatic package page ) you can set here the external link
Iframe code Insert your iframe code that will be displayed as a preview of the package to replacing the featured image.
Window Pop up Enable Window Pop up, visible near the automatic preview package button
Icon for button Select your retina icon for the “Window Pop up” button
Style Select light or dark style for “Window Pop up” button
Title Window Insert your Title for the “Window Pop up”
Content Window Insert your content for the pop up window

Creation of Package

See the video below to creating the single package:

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