Our theme is integrated with an icons set that you can find here.

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Social Icon

You can add a simple icon within any html content ( like in the top header, footer..) like this:


<i class="icon-code"></i>


and if you want to change the icon color you can:

  • add our custom color class: yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green, white, grey
  • add a style with your custom color: style="color:#ffffff". You can choose your hexadecimal color here

if you prefer add an icon with the button effect you can add the icon code like this:


<a href="#" class="nicdark_press right nicdark_btn_icon nicdark_bg_blue nicdark_shadow small nicdark_radius white"><i class="icon-twitter-1"></i></a>


In case of button style you can use the custom color for set a button background using class (nicdark_bg_blue) as well as a style, for example: background-color: #56c7d9

Where you replaced the icon code as you did before you can set a custom color for each button and you can also set the icon by class or style, as you did before.

Classes used

Here you can find a short list used in the icon button example:

nicdark_btn_icon It define that the component it is a button
nicdark_bg_blue This is the background color of the button ( add the custom color describe above after “nicadark_bg_”
nicdark_shadow It added a shadow
small It defines the size of the button. ( Small > padding 10px; Medium >
nicdark_radius It add a 5px radius to the button
white It is the icon color ( see all custom color class above)
nicdark_press It defines the effect of pressed Hover Button


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