GMaps Marker

Gmaps component allows you to insert a map with markers of all your travel packages.
For the correct functioning, as well as insert the component “Gmaps Marker”, you have to enter the google maps coordinates in Metaboxes of each travel package.

Gmaps Marker Settings


In the Gmaps Marker you have the following criteria:

Criteria Fields Name Criteria Fields
Height Here you can decide the map height. Simply enter the number.
Insert Packages List The default view contains only the map and putting here the flag it is also displayed a sideways list with travel packages.
Zoom Map Insert a different zoom of the map from 0 to 12.
Center Map Insert the coordinates of the map of the center of your map ( Ex: 34.263079, 16.993682 ).

Travel Packages Metabox

In metabox single package you can enter the coordinates of the travel package. Package Option > Package Settings > Coordinates.

To obtain the coordinates of your destination you have go to google maps, trying to find your destination and copy the coordinates, more info for find the coordinates here.

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